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Giant microwave dries painted building products

Pegust has delivered a microwave dryer of colossal format. The dryer is manufactured in two parallel lines and is a total of approx. 37 meters long.

It is part of a production line that dries painted building products at a facility in Central Europe.
Microwave technology is increasingly gaining ground in industry. The main arguments are energy and time saving. Savings in energy consumption can amount to 50-90 percent compared to heating with air in a conventional way. The rapid heating and drying often lead to large time savings in a production process.

– In the microwave dryer that has now been sent to Central Europe, the requirement is that the drying should take place in about one minute, says Pegust CEO Göran Gustafsson. The total output is 200 kW, but it is prepared to be expanded to 400 kW.


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