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Clean and odorless in Trollhättan

When the municipality of Trollhättan invested in a new sewage treatment plant in Arvidstorp, Pegust supplied important equipment.

The new sewage plant is embedded in the rock, which means high humidity. To eliminate moisture problems and running water on the walls, Pegust has manufactured a Primair air treatment system with very high capacity cold dehumidification. The cooling power is approx. 600 kW at an air flow of 20 m3/s. The facility has a drying capacity of up to 50% relative humidity at 25°C. This means that very large amounts of water will be extracted from the air and diverted away in order for the working climate to be good.

Pegust has also manufactured an associated carbon filter system for purifying the air. This cleans the air from both emissions and the unpleasant smell that can arise at the treatment plant.


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