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Customized solutions for Microwave drying, Indoor climate and Environment

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Pegust – inspiration

Pegust Microwave

Softer Mattresses

Europe’s largest manufacturer of mattresses, Belgian Recticel, works ernest with product development. This has led to major technological advances, including in terms of interiors for

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Air handling units for larger properties and industrial microwave dryers/heaters

Always focus on profitability and the environment

Pegust Microwave 
– drying, hygienization

Increase production capacity with time- and energy-saving drying methods

Pegust Primair 
– Indoor climate and air treatment

Tailored air treatment for older and newer housing associations as well as industrial properties

Solutions for drying, indoor climate and environment

We offer everything from simple supply air units to advanced air treatment facilities

Pegust industrial microwave dryers and Air handling units – the market's lowest energy consumption!

Save time

Faster drying – time is money

Save energy

More efficient drying methods and heat recovery – use less energy

Environmentally friendly

Faster and more efficient – therefore more environmentally friendly

Save space

Our products require less space than other drying facilities

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