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Pegust Microwave 
– drying, hygienization

Microwave technology is an effective method for heating, drying and hygienization of products, like Algae,  in a short time.

The technology is used on most materials and can in most cases be used as fuel or nutrition. Using microwaves improves both the working environment and the quality of the end products. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly popular in industrial process.

The fact that it takes up little space, reduces energy consumption and is environmentally friendly are some of the advantages.

The image is an example of a model designed for hygienization and drying animal feed.

Exciting solutions

Pegust is a product designer and manufacturer that offers microwave technology in many different application areas. We are finding new exciting areas where microwave dryers can be of great use. Among other things, a variant with Microwaves Vacuum Drying, this means drying with a lower boiling point which helps to maintain important substances in the material. Examples: seaweed, mushrooms, food and medicine.

The image is an example of a batch dryer with microwave and vacuum dryer technology.

Less time consumption and higher quality

Drying and hygienization with microwaves takes place without noise or exhaust gases. High efficiency and fast drying process significantly reduces energy consumption.
The drying penetration is deeper and smoother, which reduces the risk of twisting and cracking in certain products such as wood, which otherwise lead to waste in the production process.

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